The Specific Benefits of Massage

     On our Body structure and posture :

     -  Eases back aches
     -  Allows our muscles to become more supple and elastic
     -  Contributes to tension relaxation
     -  Improves articular mobility
     -  Favors the amplitude of our daily movements.

     On the functioning of our organism :

     -  Appeases and calms
     -  Alleviates pain
     -  Improves sleep
     -  Increases our respiratory capacity
     -  Ameliorates blood and lymphatic circulation
     -  Provides for better oxygen and elimination of toxins in the system
     -  Favors digestion
     -  Skin nourishment from the use of oils

     On the sensory and psychomotor levels :

     -  Develops body consciousness
     -  Awakens our sense of touch and sharpens our perceptions
     -  Favors energy circulation

     On the psychological and emotional levels :

     -  Enhances emotional consciousness and favor their expressions
     -  Increases self-esteem and personal value
     -  Helps manage stress
     -  Develops a sense of compassion and comprehension of        
        oneself and others
     -  Contributes to open-mindedness
     -  Develops self-awareness and realization .

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