Ayurvedic massage : Benefits

Good health is brought if all the following conditions are met:

• The three doshas are balanced *,
• The five senses function naturally,
• the body and mind are in harmony,
Ama (waste) is eliminated,
• All Marma (Ayurvedic points) are unlocked
   and circulated smoothly by Prana (energy).
• Metabolism is healthy,
• Normal appetite.


Benefits of Ayurvedic massage

Ayurvedic massage helps battle stress, anxiety, insomnia and all circulatory problems. By massaging the scalp, the body is provided with additional help against depression, insomnia and memory loss.

It regulates the lymphatic system and eliminate toxins, stimulates the immune system and softens the skin. It activates the energy centers for a rejuvenating effect and revitalization. It regulates and relaxes all body organs.

It is effective in cases of joint and muscle pain and chronic fatigue.