The Practice of Traditional Chinese Massage

The Chinese Massage's principle and philosophy is that the body is travelled through by a network of energetic lines that can be blocked often by stress, tension, etc.

Pain is more often the consequence of the blockage of a meridian. Massage releases and restores the balance of the polarities, which are the body's energy system.

In this discipline of digital pressure, the same points in Acupuncture are used. Of course, the needle is evidently replaced by the hand, with the same objective: to enable the energy to circulate freely.

The underlying principle of the Chinese Massage is to first relax the vertebrates and articulations, then the muscles.

This is all done through an in-depth work of applying pressure and stimulating the meridian points of Acupuncture. It is a complete energetic work done on the physical body as well as the body's energy system.