Massage on Chair at work

The Worldwide Tour of Energetic Relaxation techniques is made available to your company : rediscovering breathing, Qi Gong techniques, Yoga postures, Bio-energy body exercises, Western visualization methods, Eastern health movements.

In a quiet and pleasant space within your company, both individual and group courses can be given so as to fill up with energy and bring about a creative renewal.

A courses devoted to experimenting simple yet essential breathing, relaxation and body sensitivity techniques that favor vital energy and eliminate stress.

This is truly a gold mine of practical exercises, which everybody can make their own, bringing a genuine solution to daily wear and tear.

The principal advantage of the Chair Massage is the accessibility of the energetic relaxation directly at work where most of our aches are developed.
The following arguments have already convinced most employers in outer-Atlantic enterprises. In France it's only the beginning !

A fifteen minute pause is easily booked in almost all schedules

The Chair Massage is financially accessible to all enterprises and their employees

The massage is performed on a specially conceived portable ergonomic chair and needs very little space.

The benefits of the Chair Massage are immediate.

Stress and fatigue give place to a tonic calm, the employee is more relaxed, energised, concentrated and offers a better performance in his/her work

More than a coffee break, fifteen minutes of Chair Massage.

 Increases motivation and enhances creativity
 Increases blood circulation and restores presence and alertness
 Diminishes work related accidents and absenteeism
 Enhances employee moral and limits depressions
 Enforces the immune system of everyone
 Improves internal company relations
 Re-enforces feelings of loyalty and belonging to the organisation
 Money saver for the company

The Chair Massage is an efficient, practical, economical and human solution to fight against stress and its negative effects. In a corporate health program, either the employer decides to include it in the employee benefit package and pay whole or half or simply gives permission to the employees to enjoy the advantages of the massage at work.

It is important to realise that this type of simple and efficient initiative brings a regain of oxygen and is often needed for the well-being of everyone.. for better organisational success. «Mens sana in corpore sano».evidently, a person which feels good in his/her body and head will work better and faster than another who is stressed and overworked.

The Chair Massage can therefore be integrated and planned for all or groups of people for a preventative relaxing, and energetic approach (weekly, semi-monthly.).

The Chair Massage is also greatly appreciated and appropriate during special events such as conventions, congresses, product launchings, open doors, training days, festivals.

It can also be an original and innovative gift to surprise your clients or compensate certain employees or suppliers.

Now, to really understand the amplitude of this new performance and to experience the positive results of this approach in your organisation, do not hesitate to contact us in order to obtain a free demonstration in your office. If you desire, we can discuss and study a specialised program tailored to your organisational needs.

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