The Traditional Thai Massage : The practice

According to tradition, the Traditional Thai Massage is practised directly on a thin mattress on the floor as opposed to being on a table. There is no need to get undressed in order to receive it, ample and comfortable clothes are best to unfold this Traditional Thai Massage session.

It is an oil-free massage and is a call to live the present moment, it is an art which draws in a sense of letting-go and enables to rekindle with your spirit.

Slow, rhythmic and complete, the traditional thai massage re-establishes the body's balance and energy dynamics. pressures applied with the hands, elbows and feet as well as articular and muscular stretching and mobilisation techniques create a positive impact on the spirit.

This praiseworthy massage lasts at least one hour. Ideally, one should plan a time-frame of one hundred minutes for a more in depth experience.