The Traditional Thai Massage : The Wat Po School

Wat Po has long been recognised as the "lying temple of Bouddha" and was the first Massage University in Thailand opened to the public.

Today, we can still discover the famous Traditional Thai massage and medicine where a few qualified professors continue to teach the art and manner of Traditional Thai massage for the body and feet.

The teachings directly descend from ancestral texts which were gathered and listed at the Wat Po, decreed by King Rama III. In order to preserve the tradition, this knowledge was originally re-transcribed on palm tree leaves, parchment papers, wooden planks, and stone statues. Many fields of knowledge, such as history, literature, arts and culture, Medicinal Science, Physical Therapies, pharmacopoeia etc. were preserved in these places. More than 60 planks relative to Traditional Thai Massage accompanied of the points and human body meridians and 80 statues representing auto-massages and stretching with corresponding therapeutic indications are reunited. In addition, many of the 1100 herbal medicine formulas are also illustrated.

The School of Traditional Thai Medicine Wat Po edited a few manuals containing a portion of this ancient knowledge which was for the most part recognised and accepted by the Ministry of health. One of the principal reasons for Wat Po's success, is the fact that the school has given its noble letters to the largest and most ancient Temple/Monastery of Thailand called Wat Phra Chetuphon. Many Thai and a few foreign students visit the place for the teachings and to receive treatments as well.

Massage is a treatment and prevention method against many illnesses proven over the centuries. In the last decades, our modern societies have discovered and introduced new treatment methods and the art of massage was put to the lower ranks of activities used. However, the study and practice of Traditional Thai Massage still continues today at Wat Po ...